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Advance your research and discovery efforts

Our comprehensive and flexible testing portfolio of central lab services and kitted assays ensure access to critical biomarker insights on a global scale.

Comprehensive and proven

Our comprehensive solid tumor profiling platform for both tissue and plasma samples, backed by standardized bioinformatics, ensures you have access to the critical biomarker insights you need.

  • Robust panels with 500+ genes covering current and emerging biomarkers and complex genomic signatures, inclusive of TMB and MSI
  • Proven, standardized bioinformatics with our FDA cleared bioinformatics platform as part of our pan solid tumor CGP IVD kit
  • Proprietary liquid biopsy library prep chemistry enables more sensitive detection of actionable variants
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Global reach and scale

Our flexible testing portfolio of central lab services and kitted assays helps you reach patient cohorts around the globe and can accommodate large-scale retrospective studies.

  • Labcorp is the largest central laboratory in the world, providing global genomics capabilities and expanded capacity and ability to scale

  • Robust inhouse CRO with global capabilities that enable enrollment of diverse patient groups

  • Kitted solutions that are easy to implement and use in any geography

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Consultative approach

We are committed to providing tailored solutions that advance your research, from early access to emerging and complex biomarkers to custom data outputs.

  • Access to innovative technology that is not yet available within our decentralized kitted solutions

  • Nimble collaboration, including custom data reporting capabilities and raw data to fuel independent biomarker analysis, custom assay support, and clinical trial assay support

  • Have the capabilities and infrastructure to implement any technology that will serve our partners

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See how we expedite biomarker-driven drug development from discovery to global CDx commercialization.

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