PGDx elio™ plasma complete

A liquid biopsy comprehensive genomic profiling research assay


Comprehensive biomarker analysis and discovery for research

The PGDx elio plasma complete assay analyzes circulating tumor DNA for genetic alterations in cancer without an invasive tumor biopsy. It evaluates a comprehensive panel of 500+ genes including SNVs, indels, bTMB, MSI, LOH, and select amplifications and translocations despite requiring a low DNA input.

Used across the globe

Automated bioinformatics ensure consistent, high-quality results

Deep coverage

Identifies somatic mutations within circulating tumor DNA with high accuracy and sensitivity

521 gene kitted assay

Requiring low DNA input for robust results

End-to-end kitted solution

Utilizing a robust turn-key bioinformatics pipeline that keeps data and reporting in-house


Product overview

Benefits of the PGDx liquid biopsy CGP research assay

A sample-to-answer liquid biopsy solution

PGDx elio plasma complete is a liquid biopsy CGP assay that puts cutting-edge plasma based technology in the hands of scientists researching tumor biomarkers directly from blood samples. This easy-to-use tumor profiling tool offers the flexibility of a liquid biopsy format to the global research community in a way never seen before. Automatically curated reports highlight a wide array of high-impact current and emerging biomarkers, simplifying the task of sifting through data.

Backed by robust bioinformatics

PGDx elio™ plasma complete bioinformatics rapidly and accurately identifies cancer mutations, empowering every lab with timely and trustworthy results. High quality training data, expert curation and machine learning algorithms combine to provide best-in-class identification of cancer mutations.

PGDx elio plasma complete product specs

PGDx elio plasma complete is an end-to-end kitted liquid biopsy research solution that analyzes circulating tumor DNA for genomic alterations in cancer. Designed to be used across the globe, PGDx elio plasma complete is powered by automated bioinformatics ensuring consistent, high-quality results, no matter where you’re located. Get the technical specifications:


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