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Our portfolio of in-house precision oncology solutions delivers rapid, reliable CGP insights in laboratories worldwide, backed by advanced proprietary bioinformatics.


Bring CGP into your lab


PGDx elio tissue complete

  • 500+ solid tumor-related genes and highly accurate somatic mutation identification, including SNVs, indels, TMB, MSI, and select amplifications and translocations
  • The first and only FDA cleared and CE-IVD marked comprehensive kitted solution with bioinformatics
  • Research Use Only (RUO) for the rest of world
Elio box
PGDx elio plasma complete
  • 500+ solid tumor-related genes
  • Highly accurate somatic mutation identification, including SNVs, indels, bTMB, MSI, LOH, and select amplifications and translocations
  • Research Use Only (RUO)
PGDx elio plasma resolve
  • 33 full coding genes including SNVs, indels, MSI and select amplifications and translocations
  • FDA breakthrough device designation based on ability to detect MSI status in plasma to aid in the selection of certain therapies for patients
  • Research Use Only (RUO)

Maximize insights from low DNA input

Whether profiling tissue or liquid specimens, our goal is to empower clinicians and researchers with the solutions they need to elevate cancer care and advance research worldwide. We’ve channeled our precision oncology expertise into developing a suite of end-to-end offerings that deliver comprehensive and meaningful insights from low sample inputs.

Patient care ecosystem

Our products integrate optimized assay chemistry with an automated bioinformatics platform to quickly deliver reliable, actionable CGP results. PGDx elio products are available to labs worldwide to support our vision of making CGP testing readily available to all in order to elevate the standard of cancer care.

Analyzes treatment options available to you from a single test

Faster results to inform timely treatment decisions

Potential access to clinical trials

Rapid results to guide timely treatment decisions

Confident cancer care decisions from reliable, actionable CGP results

Access to more patient care pathways

Offer a seamless in-house CGP workflow, while retaining specimen and data control

Confidently guide oncologists with reliable and actionable genomic insights

Activate research opportunities and unlock new potential paths to reimbursement

Prestige around precision medicine and oncology

Access leading-edge RUO and IUO CGP solutions to meet your research needs

Leverage robust, automated bioinformatics to quickly and accurately report variant calls

Empowering personalized cancer care

PGDx has developed a revolutionary portfolio of RUO and IVD kits powered by robust proprietary bioinformatics. By automating sample analysis and interpretation, PGDx is enabling the scalability of precision medicine with a fast, accurate, and comprehensive system.

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