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As your dynamic global partner for end-to-end biopharma services, we help you accelerate the development of novel therapies and get them to the patients who need them most.


From discovery to commercialization

We expedite biomarker-driven drug development from discovery to global CDx commercialization with our centralized and kitted genomic profiling assays, established clinical trial infrastructure and expert regulatory guidance. Now you can bring cutting-edge cancer therapies within reach for all to make the promise of precision medicine a reality.

Research and discovery support

We offer retrospective testing services, early access to our latest technological innovations, and highly sensitive assays that enable you to define complex and emerging biomarkers and genomic signatures

Assay and algorithm development

We develop customized precision oncology solutions powered by unparalleled computational algorithms to enable accurate and sensitive biomarker detection

Clinical trials

Leverage resources that support prospective clinical trial testing, including our CAP/CLIA lab, inhouse CRO, and kitted solutions, including the FDA-cleared PGDx™ elio tissue complete, PGDx elio plasma complete and PGDx elio plasma resolve research assays

CDx co-development

Draw on our international regulatory expertise and deep commercialization experience to bring your breakthrough to market

Early-Stage Biopharma

See how we can help expedite biomarker-driven drug development.

Late-Stage Biopharma

Accelerate your path to CDx commercialization with an experienced partner that has the global network and expertise to meet your needs.


Amplify access to insights worldwide

Our solid tumor comprehensive genomic profiling (CGP) assays for both tissue and plasma samples are available as central lab services or kitted solutions.

Pgdx services chart 1 1

ǂ Forward looking statements are not guaranteed.
1 Centralized testing services performed in Baltimore, MD.
2 Refer to PGDx product insert for intended use statement and country availability.
3 For Research Use Only. Not for diagnostic procedures.


Your collaborative and committed partner

PGDx, now a part of Labcorp, is committed to providing tailored solutions that advance your research and commercialization efforts, from early access to emerging biomarkers to custom data outputs to respective analysis.

Committed to your success

Supporting academic and clinical oncologists

We are dedicated to helping remove financial barriers to your research — from providing quick and cost-efficient CGP solutions to exploring collaborative cost sharing.

Our CGP solid tumor assays for both tissue and blood samples are powered by proven bioinformatics and have demonstrated sensitive detection of current and emerging biomarkers as well as complex genomic signatures.

We are committed to your success, providing access to our latest technology innovations and to a team of experts that help you navigate each step of your research project.

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