Empowering precision oncology through localized NGS-based comprehensive molecular tumor profiling

Precision oncology is a fast-paced and rapidly evolving space that necessitates leveraging multiple laboratory test modalities to support robust and deep pharmaceutical pipelines. This environment positions pathology as the keystone for improved patient identification, treatment and health outcomes.

PGDx elio™ tissue complete offers an FDA-cleared next-generation sequencing (NGS) based solution for comprehensive genomic profiling. NGS-based workflows complemented with other testing modalities, such as fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH), can be used to determine copy number alterations for targets such as mesenchymal epithelial transition factor receptor (MET). This adds more granular insight beyond basic detection of an alteration event, which can be critical for treatment decision making.

Michelle Shiller, DO, MSPT, presents the value of utilizing NGS for tumor classification and recharacterization, a less emphasized but meaningful application of comprehensive genomic profiling.


Speaker Info
Michelle Shiller, DO, MSPT
Medical Director of Genomics and Molecular Pathology Services PathGroup

Michelle Shiller is a thought leader in integrating the clinical use of molecular diagnostics, focusing on effective utility, interpretation and application of testing. She has helped to bridge educational gaps in molecular oncology topics such as targeted therapy, prognostics, techniques, genetic disorders and ethical and legal considerations in genomic medicine in order to break down barriers to implementation and adoption.


Educational tools to facilitate local comprehensive genomic profiling implementation