Comprehensive genomic profiling: reimbursement challenges and opportunities to drive improved revenue recognition

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The use of next-generation sequencing (NGS) approaches in the clinical setting has continued to advance precision oncology, aiding in biomarker-informed therapy selection for cancer patients. Moreover, the use of this technology has also enabled the rapid pace at which biomarkers are being identified, presenting a challenge for diagnostic labs in providing comprehensive testing of all relevant biomarkers, while maintaining operational efficiency and viable cost per test.

Comprehensive genomic profiling (CGP) is an approach that allows laboratories to implement broad-based testing that addresses multiple tumor types while also allowing for streamlined workflows, minimizing the need for serial testing and reducing the frequency of content updates of panel-based tests. Though this approach presents significant benefits, facilitating a path to appropriate reimbursement rates with this approach remains a challenge.

In this webinar, Sandra Pearson, president of Pearson Healthcare Consulting, will walk through a snapshot of the current oncology testing and reimbursement landscape and discuss opportunities that may present viable options for laboratories interested in adopting comprehensive genomic profiling.


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Sandra Pearson
President, Pearson Healthcare Consulting

Sandra Pearson is the president of Pearson Healthcare Consulting. She has demonstrated success in developing and implementing comprehensive market access strategies for commercial and government payors, as well as hospitals and health systems. Her approach, founded on deep expertise in market access, value creation, and reimbursement drivers, including coding, coverage and payment, especially as applied in the Pathology and Molecular Diagnostics space, has consistently resulted in increased market share, revenue, and profitability. Furthermore, her solid experience working for payors and providers provides a unique perspective within the market access industry that enable accurate projections of the current and future business and legislative climates.


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