Harness the power of plasma to drive your precision oncology therapeutic development forward

Leveraging liquid biopsy testing in cancer clinical trials can help overcome potential limitations of a tissue-only approach and set a new gold standard in precision oncology. A paired tissue-plasma strategy can not only uncover therapeutically targetable mutations that tissue-only testing misses, but also increase eligible patient populations and enhance testing access and flexibility.1

It’s clear the future includes plasma. Although introducing plasma-based clinical trial assays can augment traditional tissue-based testing workflows and findings, it will require a thoughtful approach to your trial strategy and design. Gain a deeper understanding of the regulatory considerations and how to address them for a seamless research experience.

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Jennifer Dickey, PhD, RAC
Head, Regulatory and Quality, PGDx

Dr. Jennifer Dickey has more than 10 years of regulatory review experience and was Regulatory Affairs Certified (RAC) through the Regulatory Affairs Professional Society (RAPS) in 2012. Prior to joining PGDx, she spent 5 years as a Senior Scientific Reviewer at the FDA in the Molecular Genetics branch of the Office of In-Vitro Diagnostics and Radiological Health.

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