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All patients deserve to have access to best-in-class genomic testing. PGDx is dedicated to empowering personalized care by providing rapid precision oncology diagnostics to all patients.

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We remove barriers to precision oncology testing in order to make timely, personalized cancer treatments a reality for all. Discover our proven pan solid tumor tissue and liquid biopsy precision oncology solutions, backed by turn-key bioinformatics that enable rapid, in-house testing. Explore our services and partnership opportunities designed to advance cancer research and CDx development.

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PGDx elio: Empowering Local
Insights for Oncology

Our goal is to make rapid, reliable CGP insights available in laboratories worldwide to empower local care teams with data you control and meaningful results that guide personalized cancer care. Our portfolio is backed by advanced proprietary bioinformatics, a fully automated solution that delivers the answers you need, every time.

PGDx elio tissue complete

The PGDx elio tissue complete test enables rapid and actionable genomic insights for all patients with advanced cancer with a comprehensive tumor profiling kit.

  • 500+ solid tumor-related genes and highly accurate somatic mutation identification, including SNVs, indels, TMB, MSI, and select amplifications and translocations
  • The first and only FDA cleared and CE-IVD marked comprehensive kitted solution with bioinformatics
  • Research use only (RUO) outside of the U.S.

PGDx elio plasma complete

The PGDx elio plasma complete assay is a liquid biopsy CGP kit that analyzes circulating tumor DNA for pan solid tumor biomarker discovery, eliminating the need for an invasive tissue biopsy.

  • 500+ solid tumor-related genes
  • Highly accurate somatic mutation identification, including SNVs, indels, bTMB, MSI, LOH, and select amplifications and translocations
  • Research Use Only (RUO)

PGDx elio plasma resolve

The PGDx elio plasma resolve assay is a focused liquid biopsy kit for pan solid tumor genomic analysis.

  • 33 full coding genes and highly accurate somatic mutation identification, including SNVs, indels, MSI and select amplifications and translocations
  • FDA breakthrough device designation based on ability to detect MSI status in plasma to aid in the selection of certain therapies for patients
  • Research Use Only (RUO)

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