Laboratory services

Accelerate your biomarker driven drug development


Driving innovation from hypothesis to breakthrough solution

Partnering with PGDx gives you unparalleled access to expertise and proprietary novel technologies that have yet to hit the market.

Assay and algorithm development

We develop customized precision oncology solutions powered by unparalleled computational algorithms to enable accurate and sensitive biomarker detection

Biomarker discovery

We offer retrospective testing services and enable early access to our latest technological innovations to fuel your research

Clinical trials

We offer dynamic solutions to your research needs with in-house capabilities to support prospective clinical trial testing. Our kitted solutions include the FDA cleared elio tissue complete test in addition to the elio plasma complete and elio plasma resolve research assays, with additional innovative solutions in the pipeline

Innovative custom solutions

Our technology innovation lab is designed to support your needs across the clinical development continuum, while ensuring compliance with regulations at every step.

  • ISO 15189:2012 and ISO 13485:2016 certified
  • CAP accredited, CLIA certified

Our services include anatomical pathology, nucleic acid isolation, NGS development, orthogonal confirmation, custom bioinformatics and reporting, and elio connect professional services to enable customizable integration and seamless connectivity.


Expertise along the pipeline

Our expertise in advanced cancer genomic analysis ranges from sample preparation through data interpretation and analysis. We specialize in high-throughput CGP, proprietary algorithms to identify complex genomic alterations and signatures and have developed novel plasma-based technologies for non-invasive approaches in cancer. Our flexible line of kitted tissue and liquid biopsy-based solutions empowers researchers to unlock the full power of genomic data for oncology.

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