Example applications

PGDx offers cancer genome analysis services from early discovery through clinical trials and beyond for academics, biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies, and contract research organizations (CROs).

We combine cancer genetics and next-generation sequencing to help researchers identify molecular alterations responsible for how cancers grow, invade, and metastasize, or how they are sensitive or resistant to various therapies.

Our services help in developing prognostic and diagnostic markers and identifying genetic predisposition to disease, therapeutic targets, and modulators of therapeutic efficacy such as resistance mutations, synthetic lethality, and modifier genes. See project examples below.


CancerXOME™ analysis to identify cancer antigens in clinical tumor specimens.

National Cancer Institute

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Developed capture approach to analyze defined cancer subtypes in order to identify novel kinase targets.

Blueprint Medicines

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CancerXOME™ analysis to identify potential cancer antigens for immunotherapy.

Confidential Biotechnology Company

Whole genome sequencing germline analysis to identify cancer predisposition genes.

Confidential Academic Client

Pre-clinical research

CancerXOME™ analysis of patient derived xenograft (PGDx) models to study genetic changes associated with drug response in an animal model.

Confidential Client

Clinical proof of concept

Identified MET rearrangements and amplifications in plasma for prospective patient selection.

Confidential Pharmaceutical Company

Developed a custom targeted panel for retrospective analysis of clinical trials.

Confidential CRO Client

Application of MET assay to identify rearrangements and amplifications in plasma for retrospective study.

Confidential Pharmaceutical Company

Clinical pivotal

Collaboration to develop companion diagnostics for pivotal trials and marketed products.

Molecular MD

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Using CancerXOME™ to develop a targeted approach to identify key genetic markers of response in Phase II and II clinical trials.

Confidential CRO Client


Customized plasma assay for rapid turnaround NGS-based assays. Available for global implementation and execution.

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