• Expert Analysis

    Linking alterations to the underlying biology of cancer

  • Analysis for all types of cancer alterations

    Sequence mutations, copy number alterations, and translocations

  • A suite of comprehensive genomic technologies

    Including exome, targeted, and plasma

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Discovering cancer genome alterations

Personal Genome Diagnostics (PGDx), founded by leading researchers from Johns Hopkins University, provides advanced cancer genome analysis to help researchers and partners identify elusive cancer-related genetic changes.

Changes in the genome sequence
Changes in the copy number of specific genes
Rearrangements or joining together of sequences in the genome

Research Services and Partnerships

PGDx offers a suite of cancer genome analyses services to identify alterations in any tumor of interest. Our services sensitively and specifically identify genomic variants which can be linked to the underlying biology of cancer.

PGDx also establishes co-development partnerships with industry to create companion diagnostic products for the personalized medicines of the future.

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