1. Get Started

Patients should first talk with their health care team about our services.

Members of the health care team can submit the signed Test Requisition Form (TRF) to start the process. Once the form is submitted by the clinician, PGDx will contact the patient, send the starter kit, and request the pathology sample from the institution indicated on the TRF. Please provide name, mailing address and phone number for the patient. A starter kit will be mailed to the address provided. This kit includes the materials for saliva collection and important paperwork.


The PASS program offers discounts of up to 100% for eligible patients. Discounts are tiered based on family size and income level with guidelines from the US Department of Health and Human Services.

For enrollment and eligibility information please submit the PASS Application Form below.

Any questions throughout the process may be addressed to: info@personalgenome.com or 888-571-2163
Payment information form
Download payment form
Financial assistance
Download Pass application

*must be signed by a physician


2a. Send tumor specimen

The tumor sample (FFPE or frozen) should be sent to Personal Genome Diagnostics

Personal Genome Diagnostics can help request the pathology specimen, if needed. Please provide the contact information for the pathology department where the tissue is stored, the accession number for the case, the patient name and date of birth. Pathology specimens should be sent for arrival on Tuesday through Friday to: Personal Genome Diagnostics 2809 Boston Street, Suite 503 Baltimore, MD 21224 Download Sample instructions

2b. Send saliva specimen

I. receive saliva kit

Patients will receive a sample collection kit in the mail. A saliva sample is required for the testing.

Instructions and materials are included in the starter kit which will be mailed out once the contact information and mailing address are provided. In addition to the tumor sample, a saliva sample is required for testing and will serve as the normal DNA.

II. collect saliva sample

The patient provides a saliva sample by following the instructions included in the kit.

The kit includes 3 forms which must be filled out and returnedwith the saliva sample. Place the saliva tube in the original plastic box and wrap in the return bubble envelope.Watch Video Tutorial

III. return sample and forms

Shipping address label and return postage is provided.

Saliva sample and forms should be returned to: Personal Genome Diagnostics 2809 Boston Street, Suite 503 Baltimore, MD 21224
Download Saliva Sample Collection Instructions

2c. Send whole blood specimen

The plasmaselect 64 collection kit includes everything a clinician and patient will need to get started: instructions, test requisition form, blood collection tubes and shipping materials.

For blood collection and shipping, the clinician should follow instructions included in the kit. The patient must complete and sign the test requisition form. Both forms and copies of the patient insurance cards should be included with blood sample. Please use the shipping materials and return label provided. Download Plasmaselect Collection Instructions

3. Get results

Once the testing is finished, a report is compiled and emailed to the ordering physician.

example report

Point mutations
Genetic alterations with established clinical significance
Copy number or structural alterations
Download example report